How to Take Home Staging Outside

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When most homeowners hear the words “staging,” their minds immediately go to their living room and master bedroom. But home staging doesn’t just happen on the inside. Your front porch should definitely get a little touch-up to make your home feel inviting for tours. For extra sell-ability, you want to show off the backyard features, too.


If you’ve already covered a few of these quick curb appeal projects, be sure to do a full circle walk around your property. Are there any outdoor living areas that look bland or neglected? A photogenic backyard will help inspire more buyers to seriously consider your listing. Professional staging can help make homes look great inside and out!


The Best Features for Today’s Buyers


Outdoor living areas are hot for buyers of almost any background. Whether your home is targeted to first-time homeowners or experienced buyers, a versatile outdoor space is sure to catch their attention. Today’s homebuyers want a place to entertain friends and family, and you’ll get bonus points if your spaces can be enjoyed year-round.


Sunroom-Staging_Home Matters 0717Green living is in, and according to Money Magazine, multi-functional areas and indoor-outdoor living setups are among the top requested home features for buyers today. Sunrooms can be the perfect example of this type of lifestyle. With easy access to the outdoors (as well as the rest of the home) this luxury adds a lot of character to both new and old properties. Professional staging can set it up with the right color scheme and décor to make your home rise above the rest. The same goes for any areas in your home that support the “bringing the outdoors in” way of life.


Outdoor fireplaces should be showcased just as much. Pictures are worth a thousand words, after all. It’s so much easier for your prospective buyers to imagine a property as their new home when a stager can arrange the space with the right furniture. Sometimes, all it takes is a little wood in the fire pit and a couple of loungers. Your buyers’ imagination will do the rest. Before long, they’ll start picturing themselves kicking back on the weekends in their new backyard.


Staging Homes with a View


Lake-Home-Professional-Staging_Home Matters 0717When you’ve got a great lakefront property, you won’t usually need to do much in the way of outdoor staging. That view itself does most of the work, but you’ll still want to frame that pretty scenery for your listing’s online photos. The right professional home stager will choose outdoor furniture that matches your target market’s aesthetic. Think rustic Adirondacks for your lakeside cabin, or a set of patio furniture for buyers who will likely have kids or grandkids.


When you stage correctly, you might realize that there’s no need to spend much extra money on landscaping your property. Especially since most buyers will want to put their own spin on the landscaping anyway! Staging lets you capture their attention with a great first impression, yet it doesn’t force buyers to make a commitment to a totally new design. Most homes already have a lot of great things working for them.


The Home Matters Team


Stage-Pool-Patio_Home Matters 0717Professional staging with Home Matters lets homeowners and leasing offices get the appropriate staging package for their listing. You might decide to stage the entire home, or just a few key areas. Either way, staging your backyard can set you up for selling success.


No matter where you’re at in your selling process—or even if you’re looking to stage a model home or apartment—the design team at Home Matters can help. With our massive amount of inventory and creative eye, we’ll give your property its best look yet. Contact us today for more information or to schedule your design appointment. We look forward to hearing from you!

5 Stats that Prove Professional Staging Works

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For sellers, buyers, and yes—even your real estate broker—home staging can be a real-life saver. First and foremost, staging helps streamline the listing process for sellers. The process gets your home in tip-top shape for showing, which then simplifies the decision-making process for buyers. Because staging makes buyers more likely to fall in love with your listing at first sight, it also ends up saving busy agents loads of time.


Staging your home right out of the gate is a fantastic way to make everyone happy. It helps all parties get on the same page and close deals fast, and for a great price. Here are the stats that prove it:


1. 96% of Agents Say Staging Moves Buyers

Home-Entry-Staging_Home Matters 0617The massive majority of real estate agents all tend to agree—staging makes a difference on potential buyers’ perception of a listed home. A 2015 National Association of Realtors poll showed that 49% of buyers’ agents believe that professional staging makes at least some impact their clients. And 47% of agents think that most of their buyers are influenced by staging. Whether it’s a little or a lot, even getting a slight edge over other properties is a huge win. When done right, home staging always tends to make a good impression.


2. Staged Homes Spend 73% Less Time on the Market

Sellers love staging because it sets their listing in the top tier of desirability. It’s easy to get offers flowing in when your home’s presentation appeals to your target market’s heartstrings. On average, staged homes spend 73% less time on the market. In fact, not staging is one of the biggest regrets for today’s sellers. Wouldn’t you rather sell your home in three weeks instead of twelve? Or how about accepting an offer within a week, instead of waiting a month? A professional home staging company can help make that happen.


3. Increases Home Sales by 6% Over Asking Price

Master-Bedroom-Staging-Indina_Home Matters 0617Not only do staged homes sell faster—they also get higher offers. Recent studies show that staging can consistently increase what a buyer is willing to pay. On average, that increase is more than 6% above the asking price. (Ka-ching!) Imagine getting even more than what you were hoping for. Staging does precisely that. When buyers see your home in its best light, they’re more eager to seal the deal. If that means bumping up their offer to compete with other buyers, so be it. In their minds, it’s worth it to get the home of their dreams.


4. 95% of Buyers Search Online

Staging isn’t just good for in-person tours—it’s great for your home’s marketing photos, too. According to the 2016 National Association of Realtors report, approximately 95% of buyers today include online searches to help find their next home. Those individuals often rely on pictures they’ve seen online to determine whether they want to schedule a walk-through. Rooms that are professionally staged really pop in these searches, which gives gung-ho buyers a concrete reason to pick up the phone and make plans to see that beautiful home up close.


5. Staging has a 1,000% ROI

Great-Room-Staging-Indianapolis_Home Matters 0617Any homeowners who are still on the fence about professional staging should note that the designer’s fee is more like a “money back guarantee” than a bill. Studies all across the country have shown that the ROI for home staging is huge for sellers. One report estimated that the average cost for staging a home can bring back a 1,000% increase. That’s like putting a dollar bill in a vending machine and getting $10 back in return! Again, it all ties back to the psychology of staging. Design experts know how to rework your space to attract good buyers with the right budget.


Bottom-line, staging helps potential buyers view your listing as their future home. That emotional connection means more views, and ultimately, more money. The data doesn’t lie.


Whether your motivation is to sell faster or turn a great profit on your home investment, an experienced staging company can help make it happen. If you have questions about how to get started, just give Home Matters a call. Our design team loves working with local real estate agents, builders, and homeowners who want to get the most out of their listing. Please contact us today for more information. We hope to hear from you soon!

Boost Your Home’s Curb Appeal in a Single Afternoon

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Presentation is a key component of selling your home—that means inside, outside, and online. If you already have a great realtor to manage your home’s online listing and a professional home staging company to handle your design, the rest of the work is usually simple maintenance. A little elbow grease can go a long way outside! Even if you’re crunched for time, you can easily finish each of these curb-boosting projects in a single afternoon.


Paint the Door

If your front door is leaving a little something to be desired, go ahead and give it a fresh coat of paint. Prepping the door with a quick cleaning will help the fresh paint get applied evenly and last longer. Certain apps, like Front Door Paint, even help you preview the finished look before you commit to making the change.


Curb-Appeal-Indianapolis_Home Matters Staging 0517Front Porch Plants

Adding some instant color to your porch can help it feel welcoming and fresh as buyers approach your front door. A couple large planters or hanging baskets are always pretty. Choose bright blooms for the season or go with a faux wreath to add some extra interest to the front door.


New House Numbers

This little detail actually goes a long way. Look at your house numbers like a new piece of jewelry—they tie your whole property together with a little sparkle! You might want to go with a sleek chrome set or something subtle and traditional. It all depends on your home’s style.


Plant a Tree

When you have the space for it, a new tree can be a great way to get some extra attention on your property. Just be sure to choose a tree that’s native to your area and give it plenty of room to grow. With the right location and an appropriate amount of sunlight, you’ll help make your home—and even your neighborhood—more attractive for years to come.


Model-Home-Staging_Home Matters LLC 0517Repoint Step Bricks

Broken or cracked bricks can make a perfectly good home look unstable. A little concrete mix and patience can help bring those brick corners back to life—a must for your home’s front porch steps. Chipped bricks will only hurt your curb appeal, so the touchup work is well worth the effort.


Check the Gutters

Clogged gutters can be a big liability for new homeowners. No one wants to see little maples trees sprouting from the gutters! And any water that isn’t directed away from your home can cause damage to your siding or basement. Giving these a quick fix can protect your home value and help your property pass home inspections with flying colors.


Professional-Home-Staging_Home Matters Indianapolis 0517Power Wash

Your home’s driveway and sidewalks can pick up a lot of grime over the years. A handy power washer lets you plow through that dirt to a clean base, making your concrete look almost like new! Hire this job out or try doing it yourself. (It makes a great Zen-like meditation.)


Brighten up the Mailbox

Mailboxes that look neglected can send the wrong message. Let your visitors and guests know that your home has been cared for—down the last detail. Plant a flowering creeping vine by the mailbox post, or just freshen up that faded red flag or your mailbox numbers with new paint or stickers. Doing so can help your home look like the best one on the block.



Whichever curb appeal project you choose to do, a little afternoon work can certainly elevate your property’s look. And when the inside of your home looks even better, you’ll be in for a great ROI on your home sale. For all things home staging and design, just give Home Matters a ring—we love helping homeowners get the most out of their property! Contact us today to get started on your consultation.

Model Home Staging for Today’s Buyers

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Builders who want to stage their model homes know that emotional appeal is big for buyers. Nowadays, real estate isn’t just about location. You need a winning floorplan, great home amenities, and a surefire way to win your homeowners’ hearts. That’s where professional staging can help.


In recent years, more and more builders have come to appreciate the selling power of home staging. When you stage your model homes, it’s not just a one-off investment. The right designs help boost your products’ appeal for a wider market.  You get more online views, more walk-throughs, and most importantly—more offers.


Model Home Staging

Without the right “wow” factor, it can be hard for potential buyers to appreciate everything your home has to offer. One recent report from REALTOR says that staging makes it easier for over 80% of buyers to image a property as their future home. With odds that high, it’s a wonder more buyers aren’t hiring professional stagers!


Home-Builders-Staging_Home Matters 0417In that same REALTOR report, nearly 50% of prospective buyers will be more willing to schedule a walk-through when online listings are clearly staged. When you have a great product, it’s always nice to let it shine a little more. Staging that’s matched for a specific target market will set you up for a home run. Buyers need to feel like they’re at their future home right when they walk through the front door—not just another listing.


From Floorplans—to Floored

New homes have great advantages for today’s buyers. They have beautiful new fixtures, energy-efficient appliances, and fantastic floorplans. Those details shouldn’t hard to miss, but relying on those features along may not get you the results you want. Staging helps today’s buyers take notice.


Home-Staging-Before_Home Matters 0417

You see, prospective buyers often struggle looking at a vacant space. It’s a lot easier for them to fall in love with a home that’s filled with great visual prompts—a table set for dinner, a cozy armchair in a reading corner, colorful patio furniture that’s ready for summer entertaining. Your model home offers buyers a future—not just a roof over their head. Instead of presenting them with an empty room, help them imagine their life at every turn.


Staging is all about putting buyers in the right mindset. Professional designers will help answer your buyers’ questions—even before they think to ask them! Concerns like, “Is this room big enough?” or “How will I make this open floor plan work?” are whisked away when you have the right furniture placement. When buyers see that your layout is functional, modern, and a great fit for their lifestyle, it’s a lot easier to want to make an offer.


Marketing for Home Builders

Home-Staging-After_Home Matters 0417
Along the way, proper staging also makes it easier to have the right, professional pictures for your listings to share on social media and other outlets. Can you see the difference staging makes in this photo, compared to the one above? Staging gets homes looking their best and polished, which in turn reflects how your company does business.


When done correctly, home staging isn’t just for the buyers’ peace of mind. It’s a great marketing tool for sellers and builders. The right stagers know how to design with psychology in mind. Instead of just organizing a room with appropriately-sized furniture, they also know how to select pieces based on the home’s listed price and the potential buyers’ aesthetic. A home design and property location that’s perfect for a young couple will need to be staged differently than a condo at a senior community. Knowing how to stage for your target market is a must if you want to catch the eye of the right buyer.


Professional Staging with Home Matters

As with any industry, you want to make sure you’re going with a company that’s experienced. Not all stagers are the same—especially for builders. Your professional stager should have access to a massive amount of inventory if they’re going to do the job right. Switching out your model home décor to match the changing seasons will help keep your listings relevant month-to-month.


When you need help bringing your new home to life, call on the staging experts at Home Matters. Our property stylists love working with home builders! With a streamlined process for staging your model homes, we’ll help your model home target the buyers in your area. Send us a message or give us a ring to get started. We’re always happy to schedule consultations.

Clear Signs You’re Ready to Redesign Your Layout

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The changing seasons can get homeowners looking at their space in a whole new way. Those warm tones you loved a few months ago could be losing their touch. And you might be itching to start some new remodeling projects with spring right around the corner.


It’s normal to want a change every now and then. But how do you know when it’s time to rework your layout? The top designers say that fads come and go, but real style is forever. Your home décor isn’t so much about trend-setting—it’s about being true to your family’s lifestyle.


Lifestyle Changes and Your Home Design


If you’re on the fence about switching things up, take a step back and look at how your life has evolved over the past couple years. Ask yourself these questions, and think carefully. Changes in your career, family setup, and even your hobbies and interests will all impact how your home’s layout ought to be.


bedroom-home-staging_Home MattersIs the family structure shifting?

Maybe your children are growing up or you’ve just welcomed a new pet into your life. Shifting family structures often require some changes to your home’s layout. Maybe the guestroom needs to get redone so your children can have separate bedrooms. Kids flown the coop? Take a look at your living room. A carefully designed sitting area can help get you ready for hosting the next cocktail party.


Does your home support your work and hobbies?

A new job or big career move can impact your home life a lot. Consider giving your home office a better layout to improve your productivity. Need a place to relax? Try converting some areas to focus on the things you love. When you put your hobbies on display—like your new guitar, collection of books, or knitting—you’re more likely to feel rejuvenated at home. A new design for the living room can help you emphasize what matters most.


professional indianapolis home staging_Home MattersAre you entering a new decade?

This is a cause for celebration! If you’re still hanging on to furniture you bought right out of college, maybe it’s time for a shift. Does your home office needs to be transformed into a library now that you’ve retired? Or maybe the patterns and paint colors your used to love aren’t as sophisticated as you once thought. A couple easy fixes can help your home reflect your life today.


When to Hire a Professional Home Stylist


Sometimes it can be hard to start redesigning your home—even if you know you’re ready to! A professional home stylist can give you the insight you need to create a home that’s uniquely “you.” These questions can help you figure out if it’s time to bring in a pro. Answer honestly!


Do truly love your home and its current setup?

Or is it feeling a little bland or dated? Having furniture pieces that don’t fit the room’s dimensions is really just the same as having clutter. The right size and style of furnishings can take your ho-hum home to a perfect 10.


white-kitchen-design_Home MattersHave you (finally) finished the upgrades you’ve been wanting?

Installing new kitchen cabinetry or re-tiling your master bathroom can make a world of difference. When these kinds of projects are complete, be sure to update your furniture accordingly. Your 20-year-old kitchen table might still be sturdy, but you’ll want it to match your home’s fresh new look.


Are you really embracing your home’s best qualities?

Style can never be forced—that’s why effortless looks are always so popular! The same goes for interior design. Trying an ultra-modern industrial décor in a farmhouse layout can feel strangely disjointed. A professional home stylist can show how to keep every room suited to your tastes—and your architecture.


Do you think you want to move?

You might be indifferent about your space because your property’s location or size just aren’t cutting it anymore. Maybe what you really need is a professional home stager. If you’re getting ready for a move, a home staging company can help accentuate the best aspects of your home. The right experts will help you get the house sold quickly, and for a great return on your investment.


There are lots of valid reasons to redesign your home’s current layout. When you need some extra guidance on how to get started, just reach out to the design experts at Home Matters. Our property stylists would love to meet with you! Contact us today to schedule your consultation.